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Who needs PPC-Pal protection?

According to statistics, between 20%-27% of all Pay Per Click advertisers are suffering from click fraud. If you are a PPC advertiser and want to protect you investment -  you should consider signing up for PPC-Pal services. 


Click Monitoring

PPC-Pal Monitors 24/7 for Click Fraud
PPC-Pal Monitors 24/7 for Organic Clicks
PPC-Pal Monitors 24/7 for your Website and Landing Pages availability.
If your website is down you get notified  by Email/SMS so you can pause your campaign until your website is up again.
PPC-Pal will notify you when your site is up again so you can resume your campaign without losing money on lost clicks.

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Click Fraud Detection

 Most other companies count on JavaScript for Click Fraud Detection. They will not detect Clicks if the offender had his JavaScript turned off. In that case you get no protection at all!
PPC-Pal has developed a sophisticated algorithm that do not rely on JavaScript to be on. You are still protected, even if the offender has turned his JavaScript off. PPC-Pal also detects Organic clicks and display them as option in the reports.

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Click Fraud Prevention

PPC-Pal prevents Click Fraud in several ways. The most powerful Click Fraud Prevention method is using the Automatic IP blocking technology developed by PPC-Pal for the AdWord users. When PPC-Pal detects multiple clicks from the same IP, it automatically blocks that IP. The blocked IP will no longer display the paid ad, and the offender will not be able to click on the ad. PPC-Pal can also post several levels of pop-up messages on the offender screen.

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We Provide More Data!

For each click (both organic and ad-related) on your monitored landing pages:

    * IP address (static or dynamic) of each click
    * The original IP address of a device that has moved from one IP address to another
    * Date, time
    * Geographical area (country and, when available, city and region/state)
    * Name of the organization and type of user
    * Number of repetitive clicks
    * Paid ad provider (i.e. Google) and keywords in most circumstances
    * The PPC ad the repetitive clicks were clicked on.
    * Origin of the clicks: Cellular/Cable/DSL/residencial/Business
    * GCLID

Other important data:
    * Automatic blocking of offending IP addresses for your AdWords campaigns
    * Uptime and downtime data of your website
    * Time and date of search engine bots visiting and indexing your landing pages
PPC-Pal provides you all the data you need to request a refund from your PPC provider!


What separates PPC-Pal from the rest?

* Sophisticated Click Fraud Detection & Prevention technology designed by M.I.T scientist.
* Our Click Fraud Detection does not depend on JavaScript! Most other companies can not detect clicks if the offender turned his JavaScript off.
* In addition to monitoring Click Fraud, we also monitor the availability of your website, 24/7. When we detect that your website is down, we send you an email/SMS so you can suspend your campaign until we notify you that your site is up again.
* We provide more data in our reports! We include Organic information as well, to assist you with your campaign.
* You get more for your money: 
Unlimited number of Sub-domains at no extra cost
Unlimited number of Ad Clicks at no extra cost
Unlimited number of Click Fraud Email/SMS notifications
Unlimited number of page views.

Make the right choice: Choose PPC-Pal and start saving money on your PPC Campaigns!

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